Ted Wittemann, PG

Director of Commercial Operations,

Pine Environmental

Mr. Ted Wittemann, P.G. is a professional geologist registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He has nearly twelve years of professional experience in environmental consulting, having worked with a number of small and large consulting firms. The majority of his work revolved around contaminated lands and remediation, performing a wide variety of tasks, requiring significant understanding of hazardous substances and environments.

After leaving the consulting field, Mr. Wittemann took on the role of Technical Sales Representative for environmental monitoring and sampling instrumentation and equipment with Pine Environmental Services, where he has been employed for the last fifteen years. He currently serves as Director of Commercial Operations/Senior Account Manager. His responsibility includes directing a staff of Branch Managers, Regional Managers and Technical Sales Representatives to deliver on company revenue and customer base growth, and exceeding customer expectations. He works to provide leadership and coaching to staff and develop and implement proven sales process and standards to meet our customer expectations. In addition to his broad based knowledge of field instrumentation, Ted specializes in remote monitoring and telemetry projects involving air or water quality monitoring. He excels at listening to customers’ specific requirements and working with our staff to create specialized remote monitoring solutions.

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Using Telemetry Solutions for Remediation Projects

The ability to gather relevant real time data in support of environmental remediation projects is more accessible today with the technological advancements made in computing, cellular modems, and mobile instrumentation and sensor. Pine has been working diligently to stay at the leading edge of remote monitoring solutions for our customers. The collaboration between industry leaders and Pine led to the development of our Global Telemetry Solutions (GTS™) over a decade ago. Pine has developed leading edge integration of a wide variety of air, water, meteorological, sound, and other health and safety instrumentation into a number of standard and customizable telemetry systems. Pine looks to advance our capabilities by pursuing the best platforms and communication devices to integrate even more instruments and sensors moving forward to provide solutions to common applications and more complex applications. This presentation is aimed at sharing a information about our Pine GTS™ and provide relevant examples of common, cost effective, and beneficial use the solutions by our customers.