Steve Baloga

Manager of Special Projects, Atlas Carbon

Mr. Baloga has worked exclusively on Clean Air Act-related air pollution control engineering and consulting projects for the past 25 years. Since 2007, he has focused exclusively on engineered compliance solutions for the reduction of mercury (Hg) and acid gases emissions. Mr. Baloga is a U.S. patent co-applicant of a unique Hg oxidation technology for control of Hg from coal-fired boilers. Control of acid gases emissions is accomplished through application of dry sorbent injection (DSI) technologies. Combination of these technologies are effective for multi-pollutant control for Utility MATS, ICI Boiler and Portland Cement NESHAP compliance. B.S. Chem. Eng. from the University of Tennessee (1985). Registered Professional Engineer (Tennessee).

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Improved method for vapor phase mercury capture for Dry Scrubber AQCS

US EPA regulations regarding mercury capture in electric utility and industrial coal fired boilers, cement kilns and waste incinerators have resulted in numerous mercury mitigation strategies. Often these mitigation strategies include activated carbons and halogen additives applied to fuels or co-mixed with the activated carbons. These methods are effective, but can create secondary concerns regarding system corrosion and halogen levels in ash disposal. While PAC continues to be the leading sorbent utilized, atlaSORB™ meets the needs of customers seeking net zero carbon product. AtlaSORB™ fills the need for a more effective mercury capture reagent having no corrosion potential and an opportunity to lower overall cost of mercury compliance when used alone or in combination with conventional sorbents and methods. This is because in recirculating dry scrubbers nearly 100% of the reagent is utilized. AtlaSORB™ reagent produces a stable solid mineralized mercury compound also found in nature that is truly sequestered in dry scrubber residuals landfills. AtlaSORB™ has been well received by dry scrubber users because it is a non-carbon, halogen-free sorbent with a high effectiveness per pound of product.