Robert A. West

President, R.A. West Associates, Inc.

Mr. West has more than eighteen (18) years experience managing, operating, and developing businesses for several national and international corporations. The services offered by these companies include waste handling, storage, treatment, and disposal and remedial, engineering and evaluation services for contaminated sites. During this time, Mr. West has also been involved in the development, marketing, and implementation of ten (10) new techniques/technologies in the environmental services field. These techniques/ technologies include solvent extraction, rotary kiln and fluidized bed incineration, soil vapor extraction, stabilization, and bioremediation. Several multi-million dollar projects have been successfully bid and managed by Mr. West and the staff of the companies for which he has worked.

Mr. West has also estimated, written, budgeted, reviewed, presented and managed projects in the environmental services field. These include site assessments, remedial investigations, feasibility and treatability studies, remedial design, remedial action and closure phases of various projects. A representative cross-section of clients for whom Mr. West has performed services would include Fortune 100 industrial and commercial companies; PRP groups; and federal, state, and local agencies. Many of Mr. West’s projects have required qualification submissions/presentations and a variety of studies and post project reports which he has authored.

Mr. West has also interfaced with federal, state, and local agencies and their environmental programs including the Army Corps of Engineers. He has demonstrated the compliance and effectiveness of companies and technologies to private clients, PRP groups, and associations including the Hazard Waste Treatment Council, the American Electroplater’s Society, and the Institute of Hazardous Material Management of New Jersey. Mr. West has spoken nationally to regulators, peer groups, and clients regarding regulations, markets, and specific technologies and their applications. He is also a member of many trade organizations.

Mr. West has developed a broad understanding of and a strong working knowledge in the environmental regulations in 29, 40, and 49 CFR through more than a decade of experience in their application. Mr. West has lectured on various sections of these regulations in seminars throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Currently Mr. West is President of R.A. West Associates, Inc., a consulting firm in the environmental services field specializing in property and liability insurance claims.

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How Does the CHMM Prepare you for Today’s Remediation Challenge?

Pulling from his 30 years of experience, Mr. West is going to go through the CHMM blueprint and from among the sections of the blueprint discuss the latest technologies he and the environmental communities of practice employ to deal with today’s challenges. Mr. West was recently the guest of the ACHMM Chapter of IHMM in India, working with a growing number of environmental professionals there interested in the benefits of professional certification and professional development.