Richard Smith

Principal Engineer, SMME


Richard Smith is a registered professional engineer with more than 30 years experience in corrective action of soil and groundwater on RCRA and UST regulated sites. Involved in the application of gas-phase nutrient injection to stimulate bacteria cell growth using the PHOSter process, since 1997. Prior experience was focused in the design and construction oversight of water and wastewater civil works.

Mr. Smith’s current focus is design/construction of trailer and skid mounted PHOSter treatment systems and instructing Clients in process application.

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Gas-Phase Biostimulation

The presentation discusses the current form of a biostimulation technique based on the PHOSter technology. We provide typical injection well installation details, a P&ID and a review of the bio-chemistry involved in aerobic bacteria cell respiration. From our 40 project history we will select two to three projects to provide short case histories. One of those will include a four month pilot test that used qPCR analysis to quatify relavent bacteria propagation following gas-phase nutrient and oxygen addition. Other case studies will review the application of the process in tight soil formations and with large NAPL mass adsorbed to soil. We will provide detailed design criteria and reflect on how to track site response to treatment and use of that data to control nutrient dosage rates.