Vapor Intrusion Breakout September 3 Video



September 3rd

Vapor intrusion is the migration of vapor-forming chemicals from any subsurface source into a office, home, or industrial building. It all started in the 1980s with concerns over radon intrusion.  During the 90s, environmental professionals began to understand that hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents in soil, groundwater, and sewers and drainlines could also pose threats to indoor air quality via the vapor intrusion pathway.  This breakout will help you understand several of the installation methods that are common in the industry, but also what is best practice for your project.  Several of the speakers in this session are world renown in the VI industry, and Tom Hatton was actually on the very first EPA VI project so you’re learning from the best.

  • 1:25 – Opening Remarks – Session Chair
  • 1:30 – “Vapor Intrusion – Review of the Evolution of VI Assessment and Expected Future Trends” – Laurie Chilcote & Craig Cox, Vapor Pin
  • 2:00 –“Three Technology Advancements in Vapor Mitigation“ – Jordan Knight, Land Science
  • 2:30“Understanding Building Materials’ Contribution to Indoor Air Quality”Catherine Regan, ERM
  • 3:00 – Break in the Exhibit Hall – Carolina Ballroom
  • 3:30 –“Crossroads: Innovative Technologies for Site Assessment” – Dora Taggart, MI
  • 4:00 – “Legal Developments in Vapor Intrusion” – Susan Cooper, Womble Bond Dickinson
  • 4:30 – TBD – Tom Hatton, Clean Vapor
  • 5:00 – Adjourn