COVID-19 Breakout Video



September 3rd

In early 2020, the whole world came to a screeching halt as COVID-19 rapidly spread around the world.  Many environmental projects were delayed or put on hold as we scrambled to figure out how to stop the spread of this deadly virus.  Most private held companies and government organizations required their staff to work from home so that people were not spreading the disease at the office.  But, how do we get our projects back up and running safely and what does it look like to have our staff back in the office while protecting everyone’s health.  Health and safety is what our industry is built on and the speakers in this breakout session have learned several key things about COVID-19 this year.

    • 1:25 – Opening Remarks – Session Chair
    • 1:30“COVID and Environmental Compliance: Lessons Learned so Far and Looking Ahead”Christina Lynch, All4
    • 2:00 – “Constructing Unprecedented CCR Projects during Unprecedented Times” – Kevin Harscherger, R.B. Jergins
    • 2:30 – “Preventing Facility Shut Down with COVID-19 Contact Tracing” – Dennis Heckathorn, Blackline Safety
    • 3:00 – Break in the Exhibit Hall – Carolina Ballroom
    • 3:30 – “Connect The Dots” – Jay Whitley, Level 44 Inc.
    • 4:00 – “Air Sanitation Techniques and Systems – What is best for me?” – Samuel Guello, US Navy Industrial
      Hygiene Dept. Head
    • 4:30 – “Preparing for the EnviroSummit & Public Schools” – Chris Hardin, Energy & Environmental
    • 5:00 – Adjourn