Paul Pickering

VP Sales, Aeroqual

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About Paul

I’m excited about improving our well-being and productivity by making it easier to measure the air. I believe that advanced air sensor technology can provide more relevant information about our environment to help us make better decisions, enjoy better quality of life, and make our planet a better home. For the past 15 years I’ve had the privilege of working with environmental professionals across the world who are committed to ensuring better air quality. Prior to this I spent over a decade in the construction industry from on the tools to the desk. As Vice President of Sales at Aeroqual, I enjoy applying what I learn to lead commercial growth with a group of talented professionals in New Zealand and our international offices in the United States and China. Together with our partners we help our clients in industry, government and research deliver premium air monitoring solutions for budget and time constrained projects.

About Aeroqual

Every day, environmental, health and safety professionals are protecting people and planet from the impact of poor air. In this pursuit better data supports better decision making that leads to better health and productivity. Aeroqual’s integrated monitoring and software systems make it easy to measure the air. Backed by industry-leading sensor technology, we deliver real-time data the professionals can trust. Since 2001 we’ve partnered with government, industry, researchers and consultants on thousands of projects in 70 countries on all seven continents. We’re also collaborating with the U.S. EPA on a 5-year R&D project to accelerate air sensor technology into the future. Together we’re working towards a world where the threat of air pollution is diminished and where people feel safe to take their next breath.