Michael York

Master of Ceremony

Michael York has authored and published dozens of books and has been the Master of Ceremonies for a number of conferences across the US.

An international marketing consultant, coach, copywriter and columnist for over 20 publications as well as an accomplished platform speaker to over 1000 audiences, he is the founder and President/CEO of Michael York Mastermind Consulting based in Charlotte, NC providing speaking, consulting, and marketing services. Michael has over 40 years of selling, marketing, and management experience (1978).

Michael is a past member of National Speakers Association and International Speakers Network as well as a Certified Business Coach. He is a huge proponent of the development of human potential, promoting leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors worldwide. He works with a number of SELLING ORGANIZATIONS as a driving force for CONTINUING IMPROVEMENT in the Marketplace.

A Veteran (United States Air Force), Michael is an active Advisor to, and supporter of, international ministries and humanitarian organizations including LifeSkills Prison Ministries, Caribbean Medical Transport, and Samaritan’s Feet.  Find out more at: www.MichaelYork.com