Eric Lundy

Environmental Remediation Specialist, DeepEarth Technologies

After spending more than the last decade as DeepEarth’s Senior Field Application Leader, Eric Lundy has stepped into the role of Environmental Remediation Specialist, utilizing his vast technical field knowledge for site design, project management, estimating, consulting and health and safety. Mr. Lundy has implemented over 250 soil and groundwater remedial applications on nearly every type of site (from gas stations to chemical plants, large and small) with many different contaminants (hydrocarbons, halogenated compounds, brine and coal tar). Mr. Lundy is currently enrolled at Bemidji State University earning a B.S. in Chemistry.

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Evolution and Advancement of Remediation Practices (Cool-Ox® Process)

DeepEarth Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is an environmental restoration company specializing in providing Cool-Ox(r) technology for cleaning up contaminated soils and groundwater. Cool-Ox(r) has been awarded eleven (11) patents in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The Cool-Ox(r) process is designed to eliminate a wide variety of contaminants including petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated organics (PCP, PCB, DDT, Dioxins), nitrate explosives (TNT, DNT) and brine. It is especially effective at destroying vapor phase contaminants (HC-VOC, CVOC) impacting various types of soils including clay (ChemHydro-Infusion(tm)).

While Cool-Ox(r) is tough on contaminants, it is gentle on vegetation. Because the mechanisms are different, Cool-Ox(r) can eliminate pollutants while actually promoting plant growth.

DTI is the industry specialist in providing Turnkey Services. Specialty equipment, proven technology and personnel know-how underpin our success. Depending on the site specifics, DTI utilizes numerous application methods to ensure Cool-Ox(r) delivery and communication with contaminants. These methods include Direct Push Technology (DPT), Hydro-Dart(tm) (hand lance), well injections, Pit-Stop(tm) overspray and soil blending. DTI’s field personnel are continually developing new down-hole tooling designs and working with the latest equipment available to ensure each application is as successful as possible no matter the soil type, depth or type of contaminant.