Diana Lundelius

Senior Enforcement Officer, USEPA Region 6

Diana has 9 years experience as an industrial analytical lab chemist and 31 years experience as an environmental manager for municipal and federal government, private industry, and as a consultant. She has directed and managed ISO 14001, corporate social responsibility, environmental accounting, and environmental compliance programs for industrial manufacturing sectors. She has also overseen industrial hygiene testing, and assessed industrial ventilation issues. Diana has over 16 years of sales and marketing experience, as an environmental consultant and as the Exhibits/Sponsors Committee Chair for the 2003-2006 AHMP National Conferences. She is a widely published author and presenter, an Adjunct Instructor at UT Arlington Environmental Training Institute, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Certifications: EPA Enforcement Officer #F17637 (August 2013, Sept 2017); Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) #9516 Master Level (since 1999); OSHA 40-Hr Hazwoper #09041747379 (since 1993); DOT (2006-2008); Visible Emission Opacity Reader #379436 (since 1991); Lean Sigma Black Belt (May 2016)

Major Publications: Technical editor/contributing author, Foundry Beneficial Reuse Manual, American Foundry Society, October 2009; Chapter 4: Chemical Analysis (with David Wilson), Managing Hazardous Materials, Institute of Hazardous Materials Management, October 2002 (reissued 2008, 2015); Chapter peer reviewer for the AHMP Hazardous Materials Management Desk Reference 3rd Edition (March 2013).

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Are Your Private Credential Certifications an Important Component of Regulatory Compliance?

Mrs. Lundelius will have a panel of public and private sector environmental regulators and experts to discuss why they became certified CHMMs, why regulators rely on CHMMs, and how our work with government helps develop and maintain excellence in environmental protection and performance.