Dennis Heckathorn

Regional Sales Director, Blackline Safety

Dennis Heckathorn, Regional Sales Director for Blackline Safety, has nine years of gas detection experience and has been in the safety arena for over 20 years selling PPE and respiratory protection. Dennis is extremely knowledgeable on gas detection and other industrial safety standards and is a valuable resource to Blackline Safety and it’s customers when it comes to the different applications and use of safety equipment. Dennis and his team are responsible for sales in the North-Eastern United States.

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Preventing Facility Shut Down with COVID-19 Contact Tracing

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major theme for people and businesses around the world in 2020. Contact tracing is an investigation methodology to help a symptomatic employee, or someone who tests positive for COVID-19, retrace his or her past locations and close interactions with others, to determine who may have been exposed and should self-isolate.

Supporting essential businesses during the pandemic, cloud-connected safety wearables watch out for wellbeing of workers and call for help in the event of an injury, health event or gas exposure. In this presentation, learn about how a new generation of off-the-shelf, industrial safety wearables found a new utility in the fight against COVID-19. Available solutions are intrinsically safe and currently deployed in more than 50 countries globally.

Should an employee present with symptoms or test positive for Coronavirus, cloud-based data analytics and visualization tools provide interactive reports that summarize potential close interaction between workers and where those points of contact occurred. Supporting contact tracing investigations, an entire facility does not need to shut down to protect all employees – instead, only the individuals who had close contact should self-isolate while contact areas are sanitized to minimize further exposure.