Chris Hardin

Managing Director of Energy & Environment Innovation Foundation

Chris Hardin, Managing Director of Energy & Environment Innovation Foundation, is the head of the EnviroSummit COVID-19 Task Force and his company has been hired to write health and safety guidelines for other NC counties during the pandemic.

The EnviroSummit COVID-19 Task Force includes:

  • Dena R. Diorio, Mecklenburg County Manager
  • Allison Nelson, Sr. Health Manager for Mecklenburg County Office of Policy & Prevention
  • Justen Hix, Sheraton Director of Events  
  • Chris Hardin, EnviroSummit COVID-19 Task Force Leader
  • Travis Bowman, EnviroSummit Executive Director
  • Stephanie Gren, EnviroSummit Operations Manager


July 29, 2021 UPDATE:
This Memorandum (Memo) is written to provide a Summary and Explanation of the practical guidelines that will be used to follow existing and future guidelines from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS), and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to manage and mitigate potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus and variants. The purpose of this Memo is to provide some degree of clarity to attendees at the Global EnviroSummit 2021, so they can plan ahead and obtain necessary approvals for attendance.

1. All attendees will be required to acknowledge the following in preparation for the EnviroSummit:

  • Non-exposure to people with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • If exposed, obtain a Negative COVID-19 Test within three days prior to registering at the Global EnviroSummit 2021 on September 14th
  • Or, if exposed, be able to show documentation of vaccination with a vaccine approved by the NC DHHS and/or the CDC.
  • Able to fill out the Questionnaire and answer the items listed above at the time of Conference Registration.
  • Reference:

2. Use of ASHRAE Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality and following CDC Guidelines for Disinfection of Surfaces: As part of the conference, workshop and exhibit hall and daily operations will follow the guidelines from the ASHRAE for addressing COVID-19 building indoor air quality.

3. COVID-19 Identification Nametag for Mutual Respect and Comfort: As part of the Conference Registration for the Global EnviroSummit 2021, conference attendees will be able to identify their level of comfortability to interact with other conference attendees. The levels of mutual respect and comfort will be identified by color coded nametags that will be provided to conference attendees when they register:

  • GREEN: Comfortable interacting with other conference attendees.
  • YELLOW: Open to interaction, maintain safe distance and optional use of face masks and other precautions.
  • RED: Potential health concern, and/or need to maintain 6-foot social distance at all times.

4. Voluntary Mask Requirements and Encouraging Vaccination for Attendees: Consistent with the NC DHHS and CDC guidelines, the Global EnviroSummit 2021 is recommending that conference attendees obtain an approved COVID-19 vaccine for those who are able. As such, masks will be optional for those who have received an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to attending the Global EnviroSummit 2021.

5. Continue to Follow and Implement NC DHHS and Mecklenburg County Guidelines: Recognizing that health guidance for addressing safe interaction at indoor events may change, the Global EnviroSummit 2021 team will continue to monitor the most recent guidelines from the NC DHHS and the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

LIMITATIONS: This Summary and Explanation of the COVID-19 Guidelines, dated July 29, 2021, has been prepared based on a review of the most recent guidelines from the NC DHHS and the CDC. It is provided to assist conference attendees with preparing for the Global EnviroSummit 2021, by obtaining vaccination, and/or the necessary COVID-19 tests. Conference attendees should recognize that the COVID-19 situation is continually evolving and the guidance from infectious disease organizations, State and Federal, should be consulted to make their own informed and common-sense decisions. No certification is intended or implied by the Global EnviroSummit 2021 planning team, the Energy & Environment Innovation Foundation, LLC and/or the Coal Ash and Liquids Management (CALM) Initiative by providing this Summary and Explanation and links to pertinent information. All conference attendees should continue to consult other safety professionals, infectious disease experts and other respected medical professionals to verify that the items in this Memo are applicable to their personal and site specific conditions.