Colin McCall

Chief Technical Officer, All4

For the past six years I’ve had the pleasure of running ALL4’s office in Kennesaw, GA and I’ve loved every minute of it! I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the Southeast to work with our clients and have logged a lot of miles in the process. I’ve never minded the travel because I always relish the opportunity to see our clients. They’re amazing people, great friends, and we love working through the occasionally frustrating maze of the Clean Air Act with them.

My other favorite part of the job is working with my colleagues at ALL4. They are truly an embodiment of our core values: ownership, accountability, authenticity, and culture. I’m very fortunate to work with people that care so much for one another. Their hard work and dedication always give me great confidence that ALL4 will continue to grow and provide our clients with great service for a long time to come!

If you are reading this and ever find yourself in Atlanta, please reach out to us and stop by. You can even challenge our resident ping-pong champion to a match!

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