Catherine E. Regan

Partner, ERM

Catherine Regan is a Partner with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), located in Boston, Massachusetts, and has worked at ERM since 2002. Catherine has eighteen years of professional experience working with industrial clients and regulators in the management of contaminated sites. Her areas of expertise include assessment and management of residential and industrial vapor intrusion investigations, management of chlorinated and petroleum site investigations and design and execution of remediation activities. Catherine leads ERM’s vapor intrusion technical community and is responsible for facilitating collaboration and disseminating technology updates regarding vapor intrusion across ERM globally. Since 2012, Catherine has been an active member of ITRC supporting development of ITRC’s Petroleum Vapor Intrusion guidance document and classroom training and most recently as part of the Vapor Intrusion Mitigation team. Catherine received a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University in 2000 and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology from Stanford University in 2002. Catherine is a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts and Vermont.

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Understanding Building Materials’ Contribution to Indoor Air Quality

Differentiating between vapor intrusion and background indoor air sources can be challenging. Background indoor air sources can be from chemicals or products used or stored in a building but they can also be from the building materials themselves. This presentation provides a case study in evaluating the presence of VOCs in building materials and the affect these impacts had on the vapor intrusion evaluation and mitigation of a large former manufacturing facility.