Brian Whitley

VP of Compliance, EMSI

Brian Whitley has been an LDAR Professional for over 28 years, with experience ranging from M21 monitoring to expert witness reporting and consulting for the USEPA. Brian has conducted extensive program audits, negotiated consent decree terminations, and has managed hundreds of A-rated LDAR programs from start up to compliant. Brian currently serves as the Corporate Compliance Manager for EMSI, where he oversees the regulatory compliance of facilities all over the United States.

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Lighten Your Budget without Compromising Compliance

We are in an unprecedented time in our lives, and in our Industry. Many companies are facing difficult decisions and are getting “lean and mean” with budget cuts in order to stay afloat. When corporate mandates cuts, how will you manage without compromising compliance? We all know that some cuts will cost you much more later on. Managers are left to figure out how to make unprecedented decisions about budgeting. Brian Whitley, Vice President of Compliance at EMSI, is currently working with many companies to navigate their budget changes. In this presentation he will be your guide through the decision making process, and show you cost saving strategies that will reduce one of the biggest budgets that exist in most facilities, the LDAR program. Pinch your pennies without pinching compliance.