Andrew Vincent

Sales Manager, Höganäs Environmental Solutions

Andrew Vincent is East Regional Sales Manager with Höganäs in the United States and brings a decade of media-based water/wastewater treatment experience to the team. Holding a degree in Energy, Business and Finance from Penn State University, Andrew is keenly focused on both the technical and commercial treatment needs of clients. Andrew lives in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and is a devout fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Ash Pond Closures with Heavy Metal Treatment

As the transition from coal fired plants to other types of electric power generation continues to evolve, the volume and type of wastewater that is produced becomes more diverse and complex. At the same time, the regulatory requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continue to provide challenging wastewater treatment scenarios. Treatment of wastewater from operating coal combustion plants and coal ash basin closure projects provide variations in waste stream that require unique equipment and treatment media. In particular, removal and treatment of selenium in coal combustion residual (CCR) wastewater requires a combination of conventional equipment and specialized zero valent iron (ZVI) based treatment media.

This paper and presentation will provide technical insights and practical information on the development and treatment results that can be expected from the use of Höganäs’ ZVI based media for the treatment of both coal plant wastewater and contact water from coal ash basin closure projects. The topics that will be covered include:

• Explanation of the fundamentals of wastewater treatment with zero valent iron (ZVI) based media

• Identifying the range of CCR wastewater and interstitial porewater that can be treated with the Höganäs media

• Explanation of the advantages of the Höganäs media

• Case studies on surface modified ZVI based media versus other treatment media, and physical chemical wastewater treatment methods

• Performance results of recent bench-scale and field demonstration projects

• Advantages of the Höganäs media and recycling process

• Cost considerations for the use of Höganäs media for coal ash basin closures and coal combustion base load plants