Amy Marshall

Air Quality Practice Director, All4 Environmental

Amy is a professional engineer with 25 years of air quality consulting experience. She started her career as an EPA contractor and worked on updates to AP-42 sections (including organic liquid storage tanks), preparation of guidance documents (including the CAM guidance), and final air quality regulations. She started providing air quality consulting support to industry in 2001 and has since focused on PSD/NSR air permitting, compliance planning, control technology analyses, and strategic support to trade associations.

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Environmental Justice and the New Administration

The issue of environmental justice has become one of the focal points in the Biden administration’s environmental policy. With the administration’s “all of government” approach, environmental justice now has to be considered as part of all major federal agency decision making. Several draft pieces of legislature, including the CLEAN Future Act, have significant provisions related to environmental justice and may significantly impact or delay the permitting process. Additionally, a number of states have ramped up their efforts to add environmental justice considerations into their state-level permitting rules. This presentation will review the fast moving developments at the federal and state level and discuss their potential implications to industry, summarize what the administration has done already, and discuss what companies can do to be prepared to address environmental justice considerations.